Ten Tips for Conserving Water in Your RV

Water is all around us in Florida – in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Gulf of Mexico, in East Lake Toho. Since 71% of Earth is covered in water, why do we need to conserve water?

Conserving Water Helps the Environment

Most of Earth’s water – 97% to be exact – is salt water which is not suitable for drinking, cooking, bathing, or watering crops and animals. Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh water, and of that, 2.5% is locked in ice caps, glaciers, clouds, the soil, or is too polluted for consumption.

Our planet’s population is growing, but our water supply is dwindling. It’s up to all of us to begin conserving water so there is always plenty for drinking, fishing, and the recreation you’ve come to enjoy at East Toho RV Resort & Marina.

Conserving Water | Conserve Water

Start Conserving Water – Here’s How

1. Wash dishes in a basin or bucket, then re-use that water to flush the toilet.
2. Don’t wash dishes at all – use disposable paper plates and cups.
3. Check for leaks at water connections.
4. Take sponge baths instead of long showers.
5. Install low-flow shower and faucet heads.
6. Turn off water while shaving or brushing teeth.
7. Install a composting toilet.
8. Use marine or RV-friendly toilet paper that disintegrates quickly like Aqua Soft 2 or Scott’s Rapid Dissolve. Not only does flushing toilet paper use more water, but it also increases the likelihood of clogging up your black water tank.
9. Don’t flush toilet paper at all. If you are a truly hardy soul, flush the toilet as little as possible and get a bucket or diaper pail to put the used TP in.
10. To really go green, take the advice of singer Craig Smith who sang the immortal lyrics, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down.”

Save the Planet by Conserving Water

Yes, every drop counts. When you consider that there is only .05% of the world’s fresh water for all of us to share, even our smallest actions have far-reaching effects. The friendly, water-loving folks at East Toho RV Resort & Marina invite you to conserve water so you can continue to enjoy the swimming, fishing, boating, and all the other watery fun forever.

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